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The Milford Performing Arts Center

The Area’s Only Award Winning Family Arts Community-

                   Celebrating our 32nd Year serving the Greater Milford Community

 Through the Arts

Workshop Schedule Jan-May 2023




April VacationWorkshop-  April 17-21: Cinderella

9-11:30 visual Art:$110, 12:30-3 Performing arts:$110

Combination arts: $220

Performance and Art Gallery on Friday April 21


   3:30-4:30 “Made for the Stage”

Each workshop will meet M/W/F and will end each month to 6 weeks with a performance.    

Workshop cost: $180.00. Ages 8-13 -Ages are approximate

March /April: Wed. March 8  “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” Wednesday April 26

 Performance at 6

May:Monday May 1”The Wizard of Oz” Friday June 2 Performance at 5


6:00pm – 7:00pm M/W/F “Centre Stage Workshop” (Teens /Adults)

Workshop cost: $180.00.

         March/April/May” Robin Hood Men in Tights” Fri, Mar 17- Wednesday May 3 Performance at 7


Tuesdays & Thursdays Workshop cost $160.00 per month.

3:30 – 4:30 “The Laugh Track” Improv Workshop (ages 8 – 13) Performance the last class of each month

4:30 – 5:30 “I Arted” Workshop (ages 8 – 13) Art Gallery the last class of each month


Private instruction is available in Piano, Voice, Organ, Drama, Art- Fee per month: $175(4 lessons)

Studio: 150 Main St., Milford, MA – Phone:(508)-473-1684

Register By Mail Send A (Non-Refundable) $25 Deposit or use our donate button on paypal or credit card by phone.

Or Visit The Studio: 150 Main St. Milford, Ma

Ages are approximate. Family discount available.

 Masks are optional if vaccinated



Name_________________________________________________________________D.O.B.______________ Age_____



Street , town, state, zip






Signature(parent/guardian-if under18)_____________________________________________________________________

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